Stealth Induction Cup

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For the times you wanna use your Dynavap outdoors or in public without the wind, or glaring eyes, trying to blow out your good time. 
There's a stealth Induction heater in a cup.  


Sleek and Stealthy 

Take your puffs a bit more public with the stealth provided by a Stealth Induction Cup.   Leave it on the table, out on the open with the lid shut and no one will be the wiser.   A main power button turns it on, but the heater isn't engaged until your Dynavap engages a button within the glass cup.  

Functional for any adventure

Whether you're chasing Cheetos on the couch or trying to catch the next view in the great outdoors, the stealth induction cup is here to tag along.   Powered by three non-replaceable 18650 batteries and housed within a double walled stainless steel coffee cup, it's ready to provide around 125 Dynavap clicks per charge.

Reliably Built

With a well designed and 3D printed internal housing holding together the parts, there's no worry of a wire wiggling free while carrying the cup on a run, a bike, or  even on that rugged adventure from the refrigerator to the recliner.  Stealth Induction Cups also contain a temperature sensor to cut the power if the overall temp inside the cup gets too warm.  Keeping the parts, and batteries, safe from overheating in the case of heavy usage. 


About the wait list

Since I am but only one man building each cup by hand, there's currently a wait list to buy.  Luckily, I'm pretty caught up to things and only incur delays when I'm waiting on parts now.  Wait time should be down to only a few weeks.  I'll send you an email when your time has come, be sure to check your spam folder from time to time too.  A cup should be ready to be paid for and ship out within a few days after getting that email.  I'm always working on figuring out how to speed up production and ordering parts in larger numbers to help lower that wait time too, so things can change.   


For people currently joining, the price is $175 plus shipping.   Shipping within the US is $15, outside of the US so far has ranged anywhere from $30 to $50 depending on the country.  Once I reach out letting you know that your number is coming up, I'll get your address to give you a better idea on shipping cost if you're outside the US and you can make a choice to buy or not then too.  Payment is made via PayPal when your order's ready.   


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